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Intuitive eating is the opposite of dieting. It doesn’t force specifics but instead provides enough structure to give you the confidence to trust yourself. It is grounded in knowing what is actually good for you, some basic pillars of how to eat for health, and a few tips and tricks to keep it easy so you don’t have to worry about weighing or counting or doubting. You get there gradually and with support. 

With all the contradictory information out there, it’s not surprising we get confused and disconnected from ourselves. It’s when we realize that intuition, like all human experiences, lives in the body and likely has roots in your biology, we can learn to trust ourselves again, to make food choices that positively impact our energy and wellbeing, and can incorporate the principles of self-care that will carry us into midlife balanced and inspired. 

The good news is that more than ever before, research supports this understanding and is showing us what our bodies want to keep us light, lean, vibrant and free of preventable disease. We understand more about the negative impacts of inflammation and insulin resistance, and the importance of our gut microbiome and active, healthy bacteria. We know more about the foods that nourish our cells and support our health, and we understand a great deal more about the types of habits, ways of living and emotional approaches that help bring our body and mind together to support, not sabotage our efforts. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, we are what we eat. Eat poorly and we feel poorly. Eat whole, fresh, nutrient dense foods that nourish our cells and make them function at their best and we feel great. But as we know too well, good nutrition doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Our relationship to food is impacted by our internal and external emotional and physical environment. As we age, finding balance and shedding the unhealthy weight and the even unhealthier habits holding us back has never been more important. We need to work holistically to set ourselves up for success. Luckily, with all the surrounding nature, beautiful food markets and the incredible community of women here, Croatia provides ample opportunities to shift our thinking and put us on a path of health and wellness.