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Maybe what you’re doing isn’t working …

Having suffered from peri-menopause starting at 41, I am more than aware of the sensation that with your reproductive years behind you, your body is no longer needed and so by grand design, you are meant to suffer some cruel and unusual shutdown. The anxiety, hot flashes, irrational anger, impatience, dry skin (and nether lands and you know I’m not talking about a country in Europe). It began when my mother was in palliative care. I sought support from a gynecologist in Washington, DC where we were living at the time, who told me I needed to go on contraception for at least the next 10 years, or at least until normal women go through menopause. It seems, I just happened to be on the wrong side of the bell curve. It’s normal to start so early, but only for 5% of women. Nothing else was explained to me. Not that we have estrogen receptors in virtually all of our cells, including in the liver and the pancreas, which happens to make the insulin which feeds our brain. Turns out, that when estrogen is lower, the receptors aren’t communicating effectively with the gut to stimulate it and produce the hormones which help us to metabolize food and use it for energy. Because one of estrogen’s many jobs is to distribute fat, when it’s not there, fat just settles dangerously in our middle section.

  • HRT return to more youthful distribution and impact of heart disease because of distribution around middle times more at risk of heart attack

… its time to do things differently.

Over the course of the year I experimented with everything and learned that nutrition had a huge influence over how I felt. Cutting carbs, wine, sugar and exercise – magically left me feeling normal again. But I wanted to take it to another level. To eliminate everything and the. Add it back slowly

Don’t succumb to feeling low …

… own this time and live it to the maximum.