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Jennifer Barsky

I am an entrepreneur, holistic health and leadership coach,
yoga and meditation teacher, and the founder of an NGO.

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Leading well starts with taking care of yourself.

Whether you are a senior professional, an entrepreneur, a manager or a CEO, as a woman, you are never wearing only one hat. The demands on you are enormous. If you feel heavy, tired, unmotivated, stressed, or disconnected, you aren’t thriving. You are surviving.

The good news is you can feel strong, healthy, and centered again. You just need the right plan, structure, and support.

Give me 90 days and I will have you thriving again. I guarantee it.

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Focus on feeling great, not figuring out how.

Maybe you have seen your weight creeping up and aren’t in control of your eating habits. You are low on energy, anxious or unmotivated. You are peri-menopausal or menopausal. You feel unfocused, overwhelmed, or stressed. You are struggling to expand your impact or decide your next steps. Or maybe you just aren’t feeling as well as you should be. 

As a professional mentor specializing in women’s health and leadership, I cut through the noise to offer whole-body approaches, and evidence-based advice you can trust. 

together we will:

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"My mission is your success and the example that together, we set for the next generation of female leaders."

I can help.

After spending nearly two decades working across 20 countries with some of the most recognized global leaders and organizations, I understand the demands and how easy it is to put off taking care of yourself. 

This is why I specialize in supporting leading women like you who are driven to make a positive change but need a trusted mentor to help align your goals with your health and self-care.

This isn’t about more effort. It is about the right effort.

Start achieving the impact you desire by having the health and wellness you deserve.

Book a 45-minute consult (worth USD 250) to identify the root of your challenges and receive strategies you can start implementing today. 


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Midlife in the Corner Office

A weekly boost of energy from women who openly share their view from the top, wisdom gained along the way and how they are empowering the next generation of female leaders to stand even taller. Hosted by Jennifer, new episodes every Friday.

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