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‘Time and Timeless’ by Augustus Vincent Tack (1943-44)

Our life is by definition, our choices

Itsarz was founded in the belief that by choosing to live in the ‘now’, we can impact time and ultimately, our own long-term health and wellbeing. The name (its-arz), reminds us that this is OUR JOURNEY and that we must find the strength in ourselves to OWN IT. We are a collective of ‘wisened women’ who choose to embrace this phase of life together, live it fully and enable the next generation of women to do even better. 

itsarz [its·aw·erz]


1 A mutually supportive collective of wisened women and the female leaders they mentor.

wisened woman [waiz·nd wo·mahn]


1 A woman venerated for her judgment and wealth of accumulated experience and wisdom.

2 A woman who has chosen to live the second half of her life healthy, empowered and free and to share her wisdom with the next generation of female leaders.

What's it going to be? It's up to you

Evidence abounds that our lifestyle hugely impacts our health and how we age. Self-care sounds easy, but isn’t. We invest enormously of ourselves personally and professionally and now we are doing it while undergoing hormonal changes. Many women feel judged on what they give, not what they receive, and never learned to prepare for perimenopause and menopause, or the habits required for lifelong health. 

We need guidance, mentoring and a community of mutual care to support and be supported, and to hold each other to account. 


Midlife is just a reminder to hit 'pause' and take back control

In traditional Indian Ayurveda, the menopausal transition signals the beginning of the Vata phase of life. We associate it with differing degrees of anxiety, mood swings, drying skin, wrinkles, painful joints, digestive issues, hot flashes and night sweats and a slowing metabolism. But there is another side to Vata, the side that is breaking down our barriers, heightening our intuition and connecting us more deeply to ourselves.  It’s time to  pause, reconnect, make this chapter easier on ourselves and open up space to plan for all the good still to come. 

It’s exciting. Or at least it can be. If we listen to and take care of ourselves.  

We have another full life time knowing everything we do now

At Itsarz, we believe our life’s midpoint is empowering. We are wisened, with all the knowledge and experience we have built over the decades. Now is the time to commit to our passion and dedicate the rest of our lives fully to self-care and self-realization. Your ‘life’s project’ will be what you want it to be and it will require you to delve deep to identify it, shape it and build it. 

Make a commitment to yourself to be strong and healthy so you can fully enjoy what’s still to come.

When you help yourself, the ripple effects are global

When I founded, I also founded, a nonprofit to connect and support the wisened women who are going through our same transitions, but who lack the financial and knowledge resources they need to form supportive communities and lift each other up.

For each coaching package you purchase The Itsarz Women’s Collective will match it with coaching for a low-income woman. 

Self-care is not selfish. It’s a commitment to yourself, to your friends and family, and to emerging collectives of wisened women around the world. We all want to be happy and healthy. We just need a little support to get there.

Hopefully we’ve given you the push you needed to start your journey today. 

It's your choice. Choose to lead well. 

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