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Shame. The unwanted house guest.

When you realize that shame ...

Shame is a word that only recently entered my lexicon and took up residence in my frontal lobe. Or so I thought. According to a friend and psychologist, I have lived with shame most of my life. In fact, she told me it is one of the most pervasive of my unwanted mental guests. 

Once introduced, I began to remember more and more moments when we had shared an afternoon, a party, even a bed. Turns out, shame had been squatting in several of those dark rooms I hadn’t wanted to enter.  But i think I am done now, and its time this squatter was evicted.  And pronto. 

... doesn't only live with you.

Stop it in its tracks ...

Working with shame to clear out old memories, made me realize the possibility that maybe, I hadn’t invited shame into my life, but rather, that I had inherited this unwanted tenant from my mother. A scary prospect because it opened the possibility that if I didn’t face it head on, I would be passing on an unpleasant, and un paying guest to my own daughter.